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    The Tantra Experience [English]

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    This life is a gift from existence, to be lived and enjoyed. But with the seemingly impossible and conflicting demands of society, morality and culture, people struggle with feelings of unfulfilled potential, frustration and guilt, rather than living full lives.

    This uplifting book gives a taste of Osho's life - affirmative, accepting, and far - reaching wisdom when commenting on The Royal Song of Saraha.

    Saraha was an 8th century Indian sage who left his opulent life in the royal court to live with an arrowsmith woman. Inspired by her single - Pointed awareness, and the potential of living each moment, Tantra was born.

    The worlde of Tantra has no division between higher and lower. The simple, ordinary, things of life are transformed into great things when we enter into them totally be it car fixing, floor cleaning or lovemaking. Osho shows how, living this vision, new heights of consciousness and freedom are realized.


    ... But as far as his being a Master is concerned, Buddha is incomparable – because, through him, thousands of people have attained to Enlightenment.

    It has never happened with any other Master. His line has been the most fruitful line. His family has been the most creative family up to now. He is like a big tree with so many branches – and EACH branch has been fruitful; each branch is loaded with many fruits.

    Mahavir remained a local phenomenon. Krishna fell into the hands of scholars and was lost. Christ was completely destroyed by the priests.

    Much could have happened, but it didn't happen. Buddha has been tremendously fortunate in this. Not that the priests have not tried, not that the scholars have not tried they have done all that they can do but somehow Buddha's teaching was devised in such a way that it could not be destroyed. It is still alive.

    Even after twenty-five centuries, a few flowers come on his tree, it still blooms. Spring comes, and still it releases fragrance, it still bears fruit.

    Saraha is also a fruit of the same tree. Saraha was born about two centuries after Buddha. He was in the direct line of a different branch.

    One branch moves from Mahakashyap to Bodhidharma and Zen is born – and it is still full of flowers, that branch. Another branch moves from Buddha to his son, Rahul Bhadra, and from Rahul Bhadra to Sri Kirti, and from Sri Kirti to Saraha, and from Saraha to Nargarjuna – that is the Tantra branch...

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    Publisher Rebel
    ISBN 978-81-7261-077-7
    Type Books
    Manufacture Osho World Foundation

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