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    About Us

    Osho World galleria, the one stop online shopping experience for Osho books, MP3CDs, DVDs, Meditation CDs, Music CDs, magazines, Osho Photos and Osho art.

    Osho World galleria, the store is located at Ansal Plaza, Khelgaon Marg, New Delhi. Bringing the vision of the Enlightened Mystic Osho to the marketplace, the galleria is a novel concept where meditation, creativity and celebration meet.

    The galleria makes available Osho's books, DVDs, MP3CDs and an array of art objects with a spiritual dimension and designer wear for meditation in natural fabrics and organic colours. Central to these quiet, artistic displays is an empty area. Watching over you with beautiful compassionate eyes is a huge portrait of a smiling Osho, here you can meditate every evening.

    Every month, it celebrates a spiritual master - Buddha, Kabir, Mahavir, Krishna, Nanak, Jesus and others - when it wears a special look and colours to harmonise with the master's teachings.

    The galleria is popular venue for art exhibitions. Lifestyle products created by different artists, like statuettes, ceramics, robes and apparel for meditation and gifts to inspire and enhance the aesthetics of life are displayed at the galleria.
    Daily meditations are held at 6.00 pm in keeping with Osho's concept of meditation in the marketplace.

    "My basic interest is in bringing religiousness to life, to the marketplace. Religiousness is a beautiful flower; it can blossom in the marketplace, there is no problem, because religiousness can be reduced to a simple principle of meditation." Osho