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    Ultimate Alchemy Vol-2

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    Ultimate Alchemy Vol-2 [Books]

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    The Upanishad ends, but now you start on a journey-deep, inward. It is a long and arduous effort.
    To transform oneself is the greatest effort, the most impossible, but the most paying.
    This upanishad has been a deep, intimate instruction. It is alchemical. it is for your inner transformation. Your baser metal can become gold. Through this prosess, your utmost possibility can become actual.


    FOR PHILOSOPHY, many are the problems – infinite. But for religion there is only one problem, and that problem is man himself.

    It is not that man has problems, but man is the problem. And why is man the problem?

    Animals are not problems. They are so unconscious. blissfully unconscious, ignorant, that there is no possibility of there being any awareness of problems. Problems are there, but animals are not aware.

    There are no problems for gods because they are totally conscious. When the mind is a total consciousness, problems simply disappear like darkness.

    But for man there is anguish. The very being of man, the very existence of man, is a problem, because man exists between these two realms: the realm of the animals and the realm of the gods...

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    Publisher Divyansh
    ISBN 978-93-80089-13-3

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