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    The Perfect Way [Books]

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    In this a rare book of meditation, Osho carefully guides us through the maze of our own minds, through our process of creating thoughts, toward a zone of silence.

    His genius is in full flight. And the subject couldn't be more mysterious nor important: one's own self. "I cannot give you any dreams. I cannot give you any basis for self-deception.
    I am a dream-breaker and I want to wake you from your slumber."


    We have gathered in this lonely place so that I can say something to you and you can listen to me. This saying and this listening is not possible without an undercurrent of love. The doors of the heart open only to love. And remember it is only when one hears with the heart and not with the head that listening happens.

    You may ask, “Does the heart hear as well?” I would say that whenever listening happens it is always through the heart. So far the head has never heard anything.
    The head is stone deaf. And this is also true of speaking. Only when words come from the heart are they meaningful. Only when words come from the heart do they have the fragrance of fresh flowers; otherwise they are not only stale and faded, they are artificial – plastic flowers....

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    Publisher Rebel
    ISBN 978-81-7261-163-7

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