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    The New Alchemy To Turn You  On

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    • The New Alchemy To Turn You  On
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    The New Alchemy To Turn You On [Books]

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    Containing talks from two early meditation camps, this volume features Osho speaking on the theosophist, Mabel Collins. He speaks of the intensity and totality needed by meditators, the relationship between sex and death, the role of the master, and pain caused by active meditations. He also answers basic questions such as, Why meditate? Why seek?
    What is the difference between mind and consciousness...between surrender and blind faith?
    How can I be wholehearted in meditation?
    He answers many specific questions about his different techniques. The appendix, Catharsis and Meditation: Steps on the Path, presents Osho's reasons for cathartic techniques.
    "No one is more qualified to introduce the mystics than Osho, a man who stands out even in their exalted company. He speaks from his own experience, bringing his mystic predecessors to life, making them his contemporaries." John Lilly


    The whole universe is a cosmic unity. You are not isolated; you are not like an island. You are connected; you are rooted in the ocean of existence just like a wave.

    Unless this is felt deeply, one cannot enter samadhi, one cannot enter the total ecstasy of existence; because if you think yourself separate you cannot merge, if you think yourself separate you cannot surrender. If you think that you are not separate, surrender becomes easy; it happens. If you feel that you are one with life, you can trust it. Then there is no fear. Then you can die in it happily, ecstatically...

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    Publisher Rebel
    ISBN 978-81-7261-235-1

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