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    The Hidden Harmony

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    The Hidden Harmony [English]

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    "Heraclitus is a really raere flowering one of the most highly penetrating souls, one of those souls who become like Everest, The highest peak of the Himalayas. Try to understand him..."
    If Heraclitus Had been born in India rather than Greece, says Osho, he would have been recognized not simply asa philosopher but as a buddha, a mystic. At the center we are all existential, living on the surface we are just social functionaries.
    A poetic mystic like Heraclitus may appear inharmonious on the surface, but he will always be harmonious in the center. As we encounter opposites, conflicts and polarities in life, Osho encourages us not to choose between them but rather live both. If we can do this whilst remaining unattached to either, that very witnessing will be the birth of a hidden harmony within each one of us


    When you are in the present without thinking, you are for the first time spiritual. A new dimension opens – that dimension is awareness.

    Because you have not known that dimension Heraclitus will say you are asleep, you are not aware. Awareness means to be in the moment so totally that there is no movement toward the past, no movement toward the future – all movement stops. That doesn't mean that you become static.

    A new movement starts, a movement in depth...

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    Publisher Rebel
    ISBN 978-81-7261-219-1
    Type Books
    Manufacture Osho World Foundation

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