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    Returning To The Source

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    • Returning To The Source

    Returning To The Source [Books]

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    The Zen in this book is no-nonsense Zen. It is not only the flesh and bones, it also carries the essence. It is not Zen explained, because Zen cannot be explained. If you try to figure out and analyze, the precious quality of this book will elude you. If you want to taste something of what Zen is, this book will help. Simplicity is often obscure, and Zen is the ultimate simplicity. The essence is ever available. The key is within, in how much we can receive.


    What is your breathing? -- it is existence coming in and going out.

    And scientists say, millions of holes in the skin are continuously breathing in and out. You are porous. If your whole body is painted thickly, and only the nose is allowed to remain open, you can go on breathing, but within three hours you will be dead. Because the whole body breathes -- it is porous. Existence continuously renews you.

    And inside who are you? Inside is an emptiness. When one realizes this emptiness, the ego simply disappears -- it is a myth, it is a dream, it is a fallacy. Because you have never looked within, you have created a false ego...

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    Publisher Rebel
    ISBN 978-81-7261-229-0

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