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    • A Bird on the Wing #1 to 11

    A Bird on the Wing #1 to 11 [MP3]

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    Chapter #1: Empty Your Cup
    Chapter #2: No Mind, No Truth
    Chapter #3: The Gates of Heaven and Hell
    Chapter #4: Have a Cup of Tea
    Chapter #5: Master of the New Monaster
    Chapter #6: The Miracle of Ordinariness
    Chapter #7: The Severe Teacher
    Chapter #8: Zen Without Writing
    Chapter #9: Save the Cat
    Chapter #10: The Master of Silence
    Chapter #11: Sober Up


    Mind is illusory - that which is not but appears to be, and appears so much that you think that you are the mind.Mind is maya, mind is just a dream, mind is just a projection...a soap bubble - nothing in it, but it appears like a soap bubble floating on a river. The sun is just rising, the rays penetrate the bubble; a rainbow is created and nothing is there in it. When you touch the bubble it is broken and everything disappears - the rainbow, the beauty - nothing is left.Only emptiness becomes one with the infinite emptiness. Just a wall was there, a bubble wall. Your mind is just a bubble wall - inside, your emptiness; outside, my emptiness. It is just a bubble: prick it, and the mind disappears...
    - Osho
    A Bird on the Wing, ch. 2

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    Publisher Osho World Foundation

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