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    Glimpses of a Golden Childhood

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    • Glimpses of a Golden Childhood
    • Glimpses of A Golden Childhood

    Glimpses of A Golden Childhood [Books]

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    This is a very special volume because rather than responding to questions and sutras, Osho is simply sharing his enlightened consciousness as he recalls his rebellious and mischievous childhood through fascinating, entertainning and inspiring stories. This edition also includes many beautiful, rare, adn intimate photos of the ordinary daily activities of an enlightened mystic.


    Switzerland is beautiful but nothing compared to the Himalayas. It is convenient to be in Switzerland with all its modern facilities. It is very inconvenient in the Himalayas.

    It is still without any technology at all – no roads, no electricity, no airplanes, no railroads, nothing at all. But then comes the innocence. One is transported to another time, to another being, to another space...

    I wanted to die there; and this morning, standing and looking at the sunrise, I felt relieved, knowing that if I die here, particularly on a day as beautiful as this, it is okay. And I will choose to die on a day when I feel I am part of the Himalayas.

    Death for me is not just an end, a full stop. No, death for me is a celebration.

    Remembering the snow falling from the trees, just like flowers falling from madhu malti, a haiku flashed....

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    Publisher Rebel
    ISBN 978-81-7261-072-2

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