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    Zarathustra: A God That Can DanceDiscourse #13

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    • Zarathustra: A God That Can DanceDiscourse #13

    Zarathustra: A God That Can Dance Discourse # 13 [English]

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    Discourse: # 13
    Discourse Title: Of love of one's neighbor 2 April 1987 pm in Chuang Tzu
    Duration:120 Minutes


    ZARATHUSTRA HAS MANY original insights. Just a single, original insight could have made him one of the greatest men that has ever lived, but he has so many, about each and everything. His vision is not of the ordinary. Perhaps that is the reason why people have forgotten him. He has been giving tremendous insights and truths, but they have passed over people's heads. It seems very easy to understand when Jesus says: "Love your neighbor as yourself." There is nothing original in it. Buddha has said it, Mahavira has said it. There is not anything that you cannot understand. With Zarathustra, you have to be very silent, remembering that you are encountering an utterly unique person who speaks to the depths of your very being, of which you are not aware. He is not a moral teacher in the usual sense; he is a perfect master. He is not interested in the trivia; his interest is in transforming you into a new man. The world is too burdened with the small man. He wants the whole of humanity to have wings for the heights, to have courage to go deep down in the earth to find water for its roots. Zarathustra expects too much, but whatever he expects is possible. He exposes man too much, but whatever he says is absolutely true. It may hurt you, it may destroy your old conceptions, it may destroy you - because only upon your destruction can this new man arrive...

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    Publisher Osho World Foundation

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