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    The Point of Vanishing [Books]

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    This is a journey of self-discovery. The reader shares in the quest for the vanishing point; the point of ultimate realisation. Replete with Eastern understanding, the journey also embraces Western psychology. It offers, at a story-teller's pace, the peaceful and always personal alternative that our materialist society hides from us. An inspiring and enjoyable read.
    ISBN:= 978-93-81253-32-2
    Pages:= 300


    Short Introduction:

    “How do I find my Way?”

    This adventure story is spiritual and not religious.  It tells of a journey to self-realisation; a journey that we all must make at some time in the cycle of our lives.  Victor is escaping from a world of crumbling institutions, power and paranoia.  He faces, one by one, the heartaches and the inner challenges we human beings are called upon to face.  He tangles with a tantric lover, faces death in a meeting with his long dead parents and flounders in the mirages of mind.  We travel with him through the sometimes tragic, sometimes comic landscapes of the modern world.  In this expansive work the author interweaves related stories from his own inexplicable life. 

    About Rashid Maxwell 

    Rashid grew up in post-war England.  After public school, active service in the Royal Navy and a year at Oxford, he studied fine art at the Chelsea School of Art.  He lived for nearly twenty years as a painter, Lecturer and Art Therapist.  

    In the seventies he left the art world and went, with his wife and four children, to live on an organic farm in the remote Welsh Marches.  A close call with death impelled him to travel to the East and meet a spiritual teacher.  He lived and worked for thirteen years in his commune until the teacher’s death.   Since then he has lived in many countries, in both cities and deserts, in communes and alone.  

    He now lives in rural Devon with his partner Nisheetha, sharing in the lives of his children, painting and writing, keeping bees working with the land and delighting in a pandemonium of grandchildren. 

    Supporting comments:

    A big-hearted, touching book masterfully written.  In its elegant poetic way it is a compelling itinerary – both symbolic and realistic – of the spiritual seeker's journey home.

    Mara Rosolen, Author

    Savour his descriptions: the quest for higher consciousness is both the story’s subject and its process.  The author travels to his own interior.  He draws out a fiction of the heart’s quest for ultimate truth.  He gives us an entertaining epic with filmic scenes of waterfalls, deserts, sex, and seething cities all expressing humour and deep trust.  The sub-text is a guide to allowing change and accepting chaos as the furnace for creativity. This is the story of an awakening.

    Roddy Maude-Roxby  Actor (The Voice of Edgar in Disney’s Aristocats)

    Truth is often better served by fiction than by fact. My friend Rashid, a painter, poet, beekeeper and mystic who has published slim volumes, articles and short stories now takes the challenge of a novel – Yeah!

    Henry Wainscot Troubadour

    This is a journey of self-discovery.  The reader shares in the quest for the vanishing point; the point of ultimate realisation.  Replete with Eastern understanding, the journey also embraces Western psychology.  It offers, at a story-teller's pace, the peaceful and always personal alternative that our materialist society hides from us.  An inspiring and enjoyable read.

    Robin Moulsdale, Author of Inner Fitness 

    Each and everyone’s journey is different, yet for all us, one thing is true: the voyage is arduous and exciting beyond all dreams.  You are about to take part in what is the most important revolution ever, the ultimate revolution of the Inner. Are you ready?

    Anand Bhagawati,  Writer & Author of Past the Point of No Return

    Rashid´s book has deeply touched me.  It is so sincere, expressing the atmosphere of being around a real master, walking on the edge of life in trust.  It has some incredible sensitive and mysterious stories that can kindle the inner fire of the search for truth as the most precious thing that can happen in a lifetime. I had to cry sometimes, it touched the sweetest memories of that time in my life that also changed the direction of my further evolution

    It is a book that I feel to recommend to everyone on an authentic search. It carries the message with a pure heart of courage and love.
    For me the best book so far of a modern seeker on his journey.

    Swami Veetman, Therapist

    I don't know which to exclaim at most: the quality of the writing; or the extraordinary life Rashid has experienced.

    I knew his love of words from his poetry. But the sustained colour and energy of the writing, in both allegory and reminiscence, took me by surprise. He is never lost for words, especially in the persistent celebrations of nature. And the celebration and gratitude for Osho's teaching comes through with passionate eloquence.

    Michael Williams, Artist and Art Lecturer

    This book is poetic, lively, often humorous, adventurous, overflowing with the abundance of life and the blessings that every experience brings, all fruit of a life lived in devotion to the presence felt in every face and form.

    Taking the form of a journey, Rashid’s quest appears as a relationship – a continuous relationship with the fatally beguiling presence of the divine feminine in her myriad forms. These forms are often very human – energies that shape the flow of the author’s life before returning to themselves – but they are also in the natural world, met everywhere in nature – in birds and breezes, mountains and valleys, insects and flowers.

    In fact, although the overall structure of the book is a ‘story’, running its temporal course, there are several moments when descriptions of nature seem to transcend the narrative, crystallizing on its surface as timeless points of meditation, dwelling on the sanctity of nature as sensed in real time; sensuously textured and applied like brushstrokes to a canvas

    In the same way, the surface is jeweled with moments of wisdom - lived and learned - that rise to the surface, sometimes distilled from experience like dew; at other times, hammered out like gold.

    Andrew Spira, Lecturer, Christies Fine Art

    Rashid has managed to connect the elusive dots between life and spirituality.  He writes simply and concisely with a thread of joy, hope, love and pain running through from beginning to end. He is a role model for an honest, simple yet rebellious life.
    At a surprisingly intimate level this book reveals the ups and downs of Rashid’s own journey to Osho and his subsequent discoveries on this mysterious path of the inner. 

    We see how Rashid grew up in a regimented environment and how he rebelled against it.  The honesty and the beauty with which he has shared various experiences will touch the reader.  He did not shy away from giving up everything for what he really wanted in his heart of hearts. His sincerity in love, meditation and dedication to his master Osho is extraordinarily inspiring.

    The Point of Vanishing gives us the confidence that, even though the inner journey may be long and arduous, everyone on this path must go through challenges similar to those that we ourselves are facing.  This book is a proof that life is much more than our struggle for money and power and that a life lived through the heart leads to ultimate meaning.
    This book is a must read for all seekers.

    Prachi Rastogi,  HR Executive, Delhi

    I found that Rashid’s life story and the allegorical story together weave a rich picture, which is not just Rashid’s story, but a landscape illuminating for everyone the long road towards enlightenment.  I can quite believe this road ends right where it started.

    The scope of his book is huge and comprehensive – I’d even say systematic – yet its manner is far from philosophical, expert or priestly. He simply describes, literally and allegorically, how the stages unfolded for him.  I can put myself into all of it. My mind feels satisfied, elated, full of good new information and understanding, just as if I had authentically experienced everything.

    Tom Foster, Green Architect,  Devon

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    Publisher Osho World Foundation
    ISBN 978-93-81523-32-2
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    Manufacture Osho World Foundation

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