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    Zen The Solitary Bird cuckoo
 of the Forest

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    • Zen The Solitary Bird cuckoo
 of the Forest
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    Zen The Solitary Bird Cuckoo Of The Forest [Books]

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    In this series Osho takes us deeply into the mysteries of the inner world. He explains that the existence of the mind is peripheral and can only exist on the circumference of our consciousness.
    It is a fine instrument for outside inquiry, but inhibits the internal search. In those moments when we enter our being, it disappears. This is meditation.


    I have been speaking about the Bible, which says, "In the beginning, there was the word."

    Now that is sheer nonsense. How can the word be of itself? Somebody has to utter it. And what is a word if there is nobody to understand it? It becomes just a sound. But what is a sound if there is nobody to hear it?

    Certainly the Bible is wrong. In the beginning was silence, in the middle it is silence, in the end it is silence.

    Silence is the very soul of existence.

    Before we enter the silence, because it is an arduous journey to be in your very innermost core – arduous and unknown and forgotten – a few laughs will prepare you. I am using laughter to create a preparation for you to dive deep into silence. After laughter, it is simpler.

    Ace psychiatrist, Dr. Feelgood, is waiting impatiently for the first patient of the day. Then in walks a beautiful young brunette. Feelgood suddenly pounces on her, rips off her clothes and makes wild, passionate love to her. When he is finished, he stands up and says, "So, that takes care of my problem – now, what is yours?"

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    Publisher Rebel
    ISBN 978-81-7261-208-5

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