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    Yaa-Hoo The Mystic Rose

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    Yaa-Hoo The Mystic Rose [Books]

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    This book will take you step by step on an enchantion journey of words, silence, laughter, tears and pictures.

    This is the series where Osho walks out of the assembly one stormy evening, maybe never to return.

    This is the series where Osho introduces us to the experience of let - go at the end of every talk to deepen the silence.

    This is the series where Osho creates the Osho Mystic Rose, the first of his revolutionary Osho meditative Therapies. Using laughter to dissolve our tensions, and tears to unburden us of lifetimes of pain and suffering, it culminates in sitting silently, which Osho calls "The Watcher on the Hill."


    You are all here to seek and search the truth of your being – that is the roof of the temple.

    And you are all like the pillars – but every pillar has to be himself. It may support the same roof, but it is not going to be a replica of another pillar. He has to be his own, original self.

    I am saying this to you so you remember that I don't belong to the old category of masters, and there is no category to which I can belong. Neither do I want any of you to be imitative. Life is not a dance when you are just an imitation. It is a dance when you are yourself.

    I am not like anybody – Gautam Buddha or Lao Tzu or Chuang Tzu. I love these people; I love them because they were unique – but I am myself and I love my uniqueness just as I love their uniqueness...

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    Publisher Rebel
    ISBN 978-81-7261-011-1

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