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    Take It Easy [Books]

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    Of the verses of the fourteenth Zen master, Ikkyu, Osho says that the point is not that they are great poetry but a device to stir the heart, to touch the being, because Ikkyu is a mystic. A strange fellow indeed, one hot day Ikkyu took a wooden Buddha from the temple and tied him to a pole saying, "Now you too cool yourself." And another day he burned a Buddha to keep himself warm in the night saying, "Look at me-the buddha inside is shivering." In these discourses Osho covers a vast arena from the state of no-mind before birth, to man's obsession with greed; from the difference between mind and consciousness, to the ultimate failure of love-affairs; from "scientific mysticism," to the psychology of politicians and the importance of dreams.


    RELIGION IS IRRATIONAL – by the irrational and for the irrational. Reason cannot contain it; reason is so small.

    Religion is the vast sky of existence. Reason is a tiny human phenomenon.

    The reason has to be lost, has to be dropped. Only by going beyond the mind does one start understanding what is. That's the radical change. No philosophy can bring that radical change – only religion.

    Religion is non-philosophic, anti-philosophic, and Zen is the purest form of religion. Zen is the very essence of religion. Hence it is irrational, it is absurd. If you try to understand it logically you will be bewildered...

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    Publisher Rebel
    ISBN 978-81-7261-1241-2

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