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    Communism & Zen Fire Zen Wind

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    • Communism & Zen Fire Zen Wind
    • Communism & Zen Fire Zen Wind

    Communism & Zen Fire Zen Wind [Books]

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    Communism is on of the greatest experiments in human evolution. It has laid the foundation of a new temple for humanity.
    But it has only laid the foundation; the pillars are missing, the roof is missing. That can be done only by people who are full awakened.
    This book leads us to understand how meditation can use communism as the base, to put the pillars and the roof on this base.


    What is missing in communism?

    Zen Fire and Zen Wind – that is what is missing in communism.

    I have to go into a deeper analysis.…

    Karl Marx was an intellectual giant, but he had no idea of religiousness other than Judaism and Christianity. Both are religions of prayer. Both believe in God, which is a fiction. Both believe in things which are irrational.

    For example, Moses passing through the sea, and the sea giving way – nature makes no exceptions. And Jesus pretending to be the only begotten son of God is absolutely absurd to any rational man like Karl Marx.

    Jesus’ miracles are mythological. He made Lazarus come out of his grave, raised him back to life – and he could not do anything when he was on the cross! He could not even produce a little water – he was thirsty, it was a hot day, and he was asking continuously for water. And this man has touched people and restored their eyes; even by touching his robe people have lost their paralysis.

    He has walked on water, and this man could not fly with the cross towards God, his father? He was utterly helpless on the cross.

    That shows all those miracles are simply invented by the Christians to befool the world...

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    Publisher Rebel
    ISBN 3-89338-072-8

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