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    The Mystery Beyond Mind

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    The Mystery Beyond Mind [Books]

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    Look at the misry and always try to find out the cause, and you will find the cause within yourself. Once you find the cause is inside, the point of transformation has reached to its maturity. Now you can turn over, now you can change - you are ready. While you go on throwing responsibility on others no change is possible. Once you realize that you are responsible for all teh misery that you have created - you are your own hell - that very moment a great turning happens. Immediately, you become your own heaven."


    MAN SLEEPS almost one-third of his life, twenty years approximately. But sleep has been neglected, terribly neglected. Nobody thinks about it, nobody meditates on it. This has happened because man has paid too much attention to the conscious mind.

    Mind has three dimensions. Just as matter has three dimensions, mind also has three dimensions. Only one dimension is conscious, another dimension is unconscious, and still another dimension is there which is superconscious.

    These three dimensions are of the mind – just like the matter, because deep down mind is also matter. Or, you can say it otherwise, that matter is also mind. It has to be so, because only one exists.

    Mind is subtle matter; matter is gross mind. But ordinarily man lives only in one dimension, the conscious. Sleep belongs to the unconscious; dreaming belongs to the unconscious.

    Meditation, ecstasy, belong to the superconscious, just like waking and thinking belong to the conscious. So, we have to go slowly into this phenomenon of mind...

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    Publisher Rebel
    ISBN 978-81-7261-242-9

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