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    Vedanta Seven Steps 
to enlightenment

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to enlightenment
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    Vedanta Seven Steps to Samadhi [Books]

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    These seven steps to enlightenment are keys of wisdom, step-by-step instructions handed down from the unnamed ancient seers.

    In this series of nine discourses Osho discusses these timeless sutras from the Akshya Upanishad, transforming their archaic language into the language and context of the 20th-century seeker.


    If you are not acquainted with yourself, all your acquaintance, all your knowledge is just false. Without self-knowledge there is no possibility of any knowledge.

    You can go on knowing and knowing; you can go on collecting more and more information, but that information will remain information – dead, borrowed. It will never become a knowing eye.

    How to attain those eyes which can penetrate the illusory and can encounter the real? This is going to be the base of this whole Upanishad. In the old days it was called chakshusmati vidya, the wisdom through which eyes are attained.

    But the first thing to be constantly remembered is that as we are, we are blind; as we are, we are dead; as we are, we are illusory, the stuff dreams are made of...

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    Publisher Rebel
    ISBN 978-81-7261-012-8

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