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    The Wisdom of the Sands

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    • The Wisdom of the Sands
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    The Wisdom of The Sands [Books]

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    Osho indicates the significance of this series of discourses on Sufism by saying that it has no explanation for existence, rather,it is a way into the mysteries of existence.
    Hence, the stories that he comments on in this volume do not carry a philosophical message, but are a gesture towards a world beyond philosophy.


    We enter today into the world of Sufism.

    It is a world, but not a world-view. It is a transcendence, but not a philosophy of transcendence. It does not preach any theories, it simply gives you practical hints.

    Sufism is not speculative. It is utterly realistic, pragmatic, practical. It is down-to-earth, it is not abstract. Hence, it has no world-view. And also, because it is not a system, it does not systematize knowledge.

    A system is a complete explanation of existence. Sufism is not a system; it has no explanation for existence, it is a way into the mysteries of existence. It does not explain anything, it simply points to the mysterious. It leads you into the mysterious...

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    Publisher Rebel
    ISBN 81-7261-203-6

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