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    Sufis The People of 
The Path Vol 1

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    • Sufis The People of 
The Path Vol 1
    • Sufis The People Of The Path Vol 1

    Sufis The People Of The Path Vol 1 [Books]

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    This book is the living, beating heart of the mystic, Osho. His words are the very life-blood of existence SUFISM IS a special kind of magic, a rare kind of magic. It can be transferred only from person to person, not from a book. ... It is also just like Zen - a transmission beyond words. The Sufis have a special word for it - they call it silsila. What Hindus call parampara, they call silsila. Silsila means a transfer from one heart to another heart, from one person to another person. It is a very, very personal religion. .


    One old Sufi Master, Abul Hasam, has said, 'Sufism was once a reality without a name and now Sufism is a name without reality.'

    For many centuries Sufism existed without a name. It existed as reality. That's why I say Jesus was a Sufi, so was Mohammed. so was Mahavir and so was Krishna. Anyone who has come to know God is a Sufi. Why do I say so? Try to understand the word 'Sufi' and it will become clear to you.

    The word 'Sufi' is a new coinage, a German coinage, out of German scholarship. Is not more than one hundred and fifty years old. In Arabic the word is tasawwuf. But both come from a root 'suf' which means wool.

    It seems very strange. Why should wool become the symbol of Sufism? The scholars go on saying that it is because Sufis used to wear woollen robes. That's true. But why? Nobody has answered it. Why should they be wearing woollen robes? Mohammed says in the Koran that even Moses was wearing a woollen robe when he encountered God. When God spoke to him he was entirely in a woollen robe. But why?

    There is a deep symbolism in it. The symbolism is that wool is the garb of the animals and a Sufi has to become as innocent as an animal. The Sufi has to attain to a primal innocence. He has to drop all kinds of civilisation, he has to drop all kinds of cultures, he has to drop all conditionings, he has to become again an animal. Then the symbol becomes tremendously significant...

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    Publisher Rebel
    ISBN 978-81-7261-168-2

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