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    A Cup of Tea [Books]

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    This book, 'A Cup of Tea' is filled with awareness and love - the love and compassion of the enlightened master for anyone who is thirsty for a spiritual life. 'Osho' encourages us to move more into meditation, as He shares the insights and experiences that He has had on the path. In this book are 395 letters that Osho wrote to disciples, friends and lovers while he was traveling. Each letter has to be savored, sipped, and pondered upon- for each contains a great teaching, a key to inner mysteries. He answers questions like, "What is mind? How to become free of thoughts?"


    This is a collection of 365 letters written by Osho to seekers and friends.

    These letters have a rare and beautiful quality as Osho recalls incidents from his own life, tells stories and parables and reflects on the nature of truth and the journey of a seeker.

    Anyone drawn to truth will treasure this book the perfect bedside companion, to be savored one cup at a time. it is an excellent introduction to the wisdom of this extraordinary man, and all seekers will find encouragement and inspiration within its pages.

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    Publisher Osho World Foundation
    ISBN 978-81-7261-013-5
    Type Books
    Manufacture Osho World Foundation

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