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    Hammer on The Rock

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    • Hammer on The Rock
    • Hammer On The Rock

    Hammer On The Rock [Books]

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    These talks happened at a time when Osho was beginning what is known as Osho Multiversity - a university dedicated to exploring the multidimensional aspects of growth. The issues brought up are timeless, they are everyone's issues: sex, work, relationships, death and meditation. We see the same living more consciously and with understanding. The feeling of continuity is touching: how the search for truth, for knowing oneself - whatever one may call it - how this search is eternal and universal.


    Evening Talks with a Modern Buddha.

    Anyone who has spent a moment looking into his life and trying to find some clarity, will recognize the same mind, the same jealousies, the same pitfalls, the same joys as the people in this book. Now you can have the benefit of Osho’s approach of working with people through his revolutionary science, the psychology of the buddhas.

    This book is full of playful tools to heighten our awareness so that we can both deal with the challenges of everyday life and experience what lies beyond our questioning minds.

    “Anything that can become a hindrance can become a help. The same stone or rock on the path can become an obstacle or a stepping stone. If you can struggle a little and climb the rock, you can reach a higher point of vision.”


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    Publisher Rebel
    ISBN 978-81-7261-177-4

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