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    The Path of Love

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    The Path of Love [Books]

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    Osho has said that history, as taught in schools, is a history of criminals like Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Hitler....

    The real history is the evolution of consciousness created by enlightened masters. To re-write history, Osho introduces to us the great mystics of the world. In his book The Path of Love, are the exquisite songs of the fifteenth century mystic Kabir, with Osho's enlightened interpretation.

    Each great master has his own fragrance and way of teaching. Kabir is unique in that, as an orphan, he came from a poor background. He was adopted by a spiritual teacher, and later became a weaver by trade; he married and took care of his family. After he became the much beloved master of thousands of disciples, he continued to weave, taking his cloth to the market and greeting customers personally.

    "Osho is the rarest and most talented religionist to appear in this century. His interpretations are saturated with the truth of Buddhism." Kazuyoshi Kino Professor of Buddhist Studies, Tokyo


    RELIGION HAS VERY RARELY EXISTED in a healthy way – only when a Buddha walks on the earth, or a Christ, or a Krishna, or a Kabir.

    Otherwise, religion has existed as a pathology, as illness, as neurosis. One who has realized religion through his own being has a totally different understanding of it.

    One who has been imitating others, his understanding is not understanding at all. Truth cannot be imitated. You cannot become true by becoming a carbon-copy.

    Truth is original, and to attain to it you have to be original too. Truth is not attained by following somebody, truth is attained by understanding your life. Truth is not in any creed, in any argument; truth is in the deepest core of your being, hidden as love...

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    Publisher Rebel
    ISBN 978-81-7261-075-3

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