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    I Say Unto You Volume 1

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    • I Say Unto You Volume 1
    • I Say Unto You Volume 1

    I Say Unto You Volume 1 [Books]

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    Casting aside age-old preconceptions, Osho reveals the real magic and miracles of Jesus. He tells the same stories the same parables, but with a freshness and liveliness showing us their deeper meaning, their timeless relevance. For the first time we really feel the laughter, the passion, the silence and celebration of Jesus Christ. "Osho's position as an important mystic and philosopher is supported by an international following and a host of publications. His work is that of all great religious leaders-bringing God to man...Osho's lively appeal: jokes, limericks, verse, and tales combined with traditional religious themes." Library Journal, USA


    There has been a long tradition of pathology in Christianity. The Christians say Jesus never laughed.

    Now this is utter nonsense! I say to you that Christ laughed his whole life; only he can laugh. Who else? But Christians say he never laughed. They want to depict him very sad, very burdened. They project their sadness onto Jesus, they project their misery onto Jesus. Jesus becomes a screen, and you go on projecting your mind onto him. Jesus laughed, enjoyed, loved. If you go into the Gospels without your prejudices, you will find it. How can you think otherwise about a man who was having parties, eating well, moving with women, drinking – yes, wine was not unknown to him, he loved it.

    He was a very very happy man. A man who drinks, eats well, loves eating, loves friends – it is impossible to conceive that he never laughed.

    But Christians have depicted Jesus according to their own projection. The projection is of their misery. And then Jesus becomes just an excuse to be sad, to be miserable. That's why in the church there is no laughter, no joy, no celebration...

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    Publisher Rebel
    ISBN 978-81-7261-256-6

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