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    Ecstasy The Forgotten Language

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    • Ecstasy The Forgotten Language
    • Ecstasy The Forgotten Language

    Ecstasy The Forgotten Language [Books]

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    Osho speaks on the exuberant poems of Kabir, as translated by India's Nobel Prize-winning poet, Rabindranath Tagore. He also responds to questions as diverse as the difference between relationship and aloneness, mind and society, self and enlightenment, and explains the difference between a crystallized self and a strong ego.


    LIFE IS DIALECTICAL. It is more Hegelian than Aristotelean because it consists of the opposites. Without the opposites existence is impossible — day and night, life and death, summer and winter.

    Life is so vast it can contain contradictions, and yet life in itself is not contradictory. There is harmony in the contradictions; the contradictions are complementary.

    This is one of the most fundamental things to be understood. If you miss it, you will miss the whole message of Kabir — and you will miss the whole message of religion...

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    Publisher Rebel
    ISBN 978-81-7261-233-7

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