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    The Diamond Sword

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    The Diamond Sword [Books]

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    Talks on Vajrachedika Prajnaparamita Sutra of Gautama the Buddha. The Sanskrit title of The Diamond Sutra translates as "the perfection of wisdom which cuts like a thunderbolt ". It is a record of the sayings of Gautam the Buddha as recalled by his chief disciple, Ananda. Osho credits Buddha with having contributed a religiousness, non - repressive and non-ideological rather than a religion, and he gently prizes the essence of Buddha's message from the confines of the formal. "The way Osho is using language -- casual, provocative, iconoclastic -- is really new."


    How are you?

    I am the same…and you, also, are the same. That which changes is not our real face, is not our soul. That which does not change – neither in life nor in death – that alone is our reality. We ask people, “How are you?” We shouldn’t, because in the very asking we have embraced the transitory: childhood, youth, old age, birth, death.

    You know that there is something within you which was the same in childhood and was the same even when you were not yet born. So much water has flowed down the Ganges, but you are standing on the bank and you are still the same. Tomorrow you will be seen no more…then, too, you will be the same. Forms will be new, shapes will be new – perhaps you may not even recognize yourself. Names will be new, identities will be new, your clothes will be new, and yet I say, you will be the same. You have always been the same, and you will be the same forever. If you like you can call this eternal, everlasting ancient- ness “godliness,” or if you want you can call this your is-ness – many waves coming and going, but the ocean remaining the same....

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    Publisher Rebel
    ISBN 81-7261-205-2

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