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    Beyond Enlightenment [Books]

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    What does enlightenment mean? - spiritual awakening, discovering the truth about life?

    Or is it less defined, just a formless sense of something to work towards on a journey of personal exploration?

    Whatever you may have thought of read up until now, this book will take you further. it is not about enlightenment, it is words spoken by a man who has known enlightenment - and left it far behind.

    Through his responses to the questions of people from all walks of life, Osho explores the subject from the inside, revealing the inner workings of a mystic.

    One starts to have a glimpse that enlightenment is something achievable by anyone ready to take the jump here and now. And yet, while it is the peak of all beautiful, blissful experiences, it is still an experience. So what is beyond that, when one goes beyond individuality to the universal, dissolving one's separation from existence...?


    I have questions, but they are never complete, and I don't know how to ask.

    No question is ever complete, because the completion of a question will mean it has its answer in itself.

    A question by its very nature is incomplete. It is a desire, a longing, an inquiry, because something needs to be completed.

    It is part of human consciousness that it demands completion. Leave anything incomplete and it becomes an obsession; complete it and you are free of it. Completion brings freedom.

    Hence, it is not only your questions that are incomplete. You are more alert that you have seen the incompleteness of each question...

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    Publisher Rebel
    ISBN 978-81-7261-240-5

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