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    Be Still and Know

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    • Be Still and Know
    • Be Still and Know

    Be Still and Know [Books]

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    In this question - and - answer series Osho talks on a diversity of subjects from science and meditation, personality and essence, to homosexuality, witnessing, salvation and silence.

    During these discourses, Osho's father and disciple dies, and Osho speaks on what this means for him. The book also includes a lavish color photo section on the death celebration.


    The state of witnessing is neither cold nor hot. It is neither happiness nor unhappiness. It is neither dark nor light. It is neither life nor death. The Upanishads say neti-neti – neither this nor that.

    If you feel joy you have already become identified; witnessing is gone. If you feel sad you are no more a witness; you have forgotten witnessing, you have become involved. You are colored by your psychology of the moment. Joy, sadness, all these qualities, are part of your psychology. And witnessing is a transcendence; it is not psychological...

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    Publisher Rebel
    ISBN 978-81-7261-248-1

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